Hear why Jo Bonser believes you need to know about Dignified Dining for All
  • 34 pages  - including advice and checklists  
  • Solutions - for independent eating and drinking 
  • Tools - to improve the meal time experience
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Here's the difference dignified dining can make 
"My daughter is 12 years old she has a diagnosis of down's syndrome, oral dysphagia, autism, sensory processing disorder and food intolerances. I have only been able to give her pureed or mashed food which she was not particularly interested in.  She is assisted at meal times. The first time she say saw her food moulded dinner, she shouted, "Carrots!". The next time, she wants to know what every bit of food was on her plate. This time I had used parsnips in the carrot mould, "What's that? What's that?!" she said as SHE used a fork to scoop up pieces of dinner onto her fork and into her mouth with glee. But what's most important to me is that my daughter is beginning to enjoy meal times and showing greater independent all because her food is now moulded."

Mrs Dewey, Private Customer

"We have been auditing noise levels at mealtimes and have noticed that by making simple changes to the way we manage the mealtime experience. Our residents are much less distracted, and are clearing their plates rather than picking at their meals. So we are delighted to be seeing improved levels of nutrition and less wastage" 

Donna Butcher, Woodleigh Care group
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has been working to improve the acute care environment for people with dementia in hospital. "We have introduced the coloured crockery range and had some excellent feedback on how this has made a difference"
Fiona Throp - Senior Nurse for Older People - Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
One simple change can make a huge difference. 
Hear Jo reveal how she earned the moniker "The Yellow Plate Lady"
What if a change of plate colour could change how someone eats? What if it could change an eating time from 4 hours to 1 hour? What if it could put a smile like this on someone's face?
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